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OAK Corporation
Takenouchi Danchi208-3, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Japan Fisheries Association
Factory Approved by the HACCP Regulation for Fish and Fishery Products
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Our company is based in Sakaiminato City, overlooking the natural harbor of Sakaiminato. Sakaiminato is situated in the northwest of Tottori Prefecture, in the northern tip of the Yumigahama Peninsula, the land of white sands and green pines. With Miho Bay to the east, and Shimane-hanto to the north, Sakaiminato has the highest peak of the Chugoku Region as its background. It has been blessed with the best conditions for a harbor, which has turned it into a prosperous area since ancient times. Currently in Sakaiminato, people primarily catch Jack Mackerel, mackerel, squid, and snow crab; and it is being developed as Japan's leading fishing base. Also, in addition to its abundant fishing resources, it also has a selection of manufacturing establishments and distribution systems

Company Overview

Company Name OAK Corporation
Location Takenouchi Danchi208-3, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
ounded June 1991 (became a public company in June 2005)
Capital Stock 10 million yen
Company Business Manufacturing and sales of Jack Mackerel fillets and Jack mackerel tataki
Company Representative Kazuhiko Yoshioka, President & CEO
Number of Employees 65
Suppliers Kyowa Sangyo Corp.
Hokusui CO., Ltd.
Sakaiminato Center Reizo CO., Ltd. among others
Banks Japan Finance Corporation
Shoko Chukin Bank
San-In Godo Bank


Our company is approved by HACCP. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that specifies a set of important management points with regard to ingredients during the manufacturing process, from their arrival all the way to manufacturing and distribution, in order to prevent harm or injury to consumers. The system carries out continuous inspections and keeps thorough records in order to prevent unsafe products from being delivered to consumers.


Our company's factory in Showa-machi manufactures chitin from shells of crabs caught in Sakaiminato. Chitin is used as an ingredient for making the health supplement known as glucosamine. Glucosamine is deemed to be very effective for maintaining healthy joints such as knees, and is also known as a great ingredient for joint repair.


yHead Officez
Takenouchi Danchi208-3, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan

yFactory in Showa-machiz
12-31 Showa-cho, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
TEL +81-859-30-2722
FAX +81-859-30-2723
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