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OAK Corporation
Takenouchi Danchi208-3, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Japan Fisheries Association
Factory Approved by the HACCP Regulation for Fish and Fishery Products
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Our Business
The Jack Mackerel caught in Sakaiminato is taken straight into our factory, where we process them according to our company's thorough, proprietary hygiene management practices for cleaning and decontamination. We use speedy and delicate manufacturing processes to preserve the Jack Mackerel's flavor and freshness, in order to produce food that is perfect for sushi toppings and sashimi.

We use speedy manufacturing processes to achieve high quality food.

Our company's production line is based on our very own research and development whereby each Jack Mackerel is prepared very carefully. Each fish is automatically filleted, small bones are removed, and then they are skinned and vacuum packed. We follow our very own proprietary concepts and use our many years of solid experience to bring you products that are safe and which can be trusted.

Fillet machine

Skinning the fish using a skinner

Cleaning/decontamination tanks

Metal detector

First and foremost we think of food that is safe and which can be trusted.

First and foremost in our minds is the production of food that is safe and which can be trusted. We achieve this by following thorough and strict hygiene management practices every day, including sampling inspections during the manufacturing process, checking the final quality of the product, bacteria inspections, system checks, etc.

Sterilizing and drying footwear

Air shower

Sterilization inspection
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